International Shipping

For Plants from Japan

Export paperwork USD 25.00 fee per shipment.

We provide a Phytosanitary Certificate written by the export plant quarantine service. This is the basic document required for importing aquatic plants.

Please provide us with an import permit, if necessary. Some countries require an import permit to accompany the plants being shipped. Check with your local authorities to see if you need an import permit.You may email us. Please note that permits must have English translation for proper Phytosanitary documents to be written.

During shipping, aquatic plants and other plants are at a higher risk of stress and mortality, especially during long-distance transport. Factors such as temperature fluctuations and movement can adversely affect the health of the plants. Therefore, please be advised that we cannot replace or refund items for international shipments due to these risks..

International shipping cost is much higher than domestic. Please understand the risks and feel free to discuss with us, prior to ordering, different species sensitivity and their chances to survive a long trip around the world.

When shipping via Express Mail from Japan, items are typically marked as merchandise, such as aquatic plants and other plants, unless otherwise instructed. Please inform us in advance if a different designation is required for your shipment. This means the invoice and packing list will be packed with your order! You may or may not be subject to duties or import taxes on your purchases. All documents will be attached to the box side in a clear envelope. If you want to omit or do not want documents sent this way, you must tell us in advance.

From order to shipping, our current processing/preparation time is between 1-2 weeks. This does not include shipping transit time. Depending on season/temperatures, your order can be delayed from 1 to several days if we consider that the risk of damage is too high. Most of the packages are shipped at the beginning of the next week (Monday and Tuesday).

We will not provide a refund in any form for any customs/courier confiscation, abandoned, or return of parcel, including issues arising from shipping delays. Also if there is any issue to the product due to delay in delivery or as such arises in connection with or due to any reason of or caused by the customer – including customer refuses to or delays in providing certain information, or they fail to pay duty, fee or surcharge, or they reject to receive a parcel.

We reserve the right not to offer service or sell to anyone who attempts to or has a record of non-compliance with our terms or conditions.

Shipping Courier

Express Mail Service

Estimated Shipping Cost & Notes

Plant orders will take 1-2 weeks to prepare. We do not accept rush orders.

Shipping (Up to 500g) Notes
Canada USD 39.00 CFIA Import Permit required.
EU USD 39.00 N/A
India USD 30.00 N/A
Maldives USD 30.00 N/A
United States USD 39.00 USDA import permit required.

For Other Products

Contact us for a shipping quote. We accept backorders.

Payment Method


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