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Nano Aquascape Workshop

Learn the theory and hands-on skills for creating and maintaining a healthy Nano Aquqascape!

Led by Japanese Aquascape Expert who provides visual and hands-on instruction in the addition of substrate, the planting and placement of aquatic plants, the use of driftwood and rock, and the art of balance to mimic nature. Theory will delve into different styles of aquascaping so you can find the style that matches your individual personality and tastes.

This workshop will offer options for driftwood/rock and aquatic plants to allow for individual creativity and originality. Betta fish, Nano fish, and small shrimp can be added to enhance the Nano aquascape.
All experience levels welcome!


Workshop will include:
4 Gallon UNS 5N (14.17” X 8.66” X 8.66”) High Clarity Rimless Tank
Substrate (ADA Soil)
Natural Materials (Driftwood, Rock)
Aquatic Plants
Mini Internal Filter

If you have a specific topic you would like covered in this workshop, please write it in the note field when you sign up.

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