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2Hr Aquarist All-in-One fertilizer

All-in-one aquarium plant fertilizer with concentrate of macro, micro and trace elements. Specially formulated for demanding species and richer colors.


More potent than 99% of standard offerings on the self. No fancy marketing, just solidly concentrated and formulated to boost plant colors.


Depending on where we live, water hardness and pH varies. This formula adapts, making Iron more available to plants across a wide range of water parameters. ​

Liebig’s Law

Plants will grow as much as the most limiting available nutrient will allow. This formula specifically includes often-overlooked Magnesium and key trace elements.


We don’t like algae too. Specially designed to reduce occurrence of green dust algae by factoring in the Nitrogen available through fish / livestock waste.

Hidden Savings

Combines several conventionally separate bottles of different nutrients into one single blend. This formula combines ALL essential nutrients, period.

Shrimp Friendly

Lower copper than most commercial blends to suit sensitive shrimp and livestock. Tested at 10X recommended dosage on Bloody Mary shrimps with no adverse effect.


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