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Aqua Botanical Art Workshop

Explore the allure of aquatic plants and master the art of creating compositions using the waterline, in this workshop that welcomes beginners to easily learn. Craft your own unique Aqua Botanical Art and learn the techniques for its maintenance. The aquatic plants used change with each session, promising new discoveries every time, including flowering aquatic plants when available.


Immerse yourself in creativity within a healing space surrounded by music and the scent of aromatherapy. Each participant will create their own piece of Aqua Botanical Art to enjoy at home. Displayed in a stylish container, it becomes a wonderful interior decoration that refreshes your living space. Additionally, these art pieces make heartwarming gifts for loved ones.


*  If you wish to participate with two or more people, or if you prefer the workshop in English or Chinese, it is possible to arrange a dedicated session at a time that suits you. Please contact us for more details.


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Location: Aquaria (Google Maps)
Proud Flat Shinjuku Gyoen 101, Daikyocho, 28−12, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0015 Japan